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Suggested Disclaimers:

Example 1:
Use of this gift card is limited to purchases at xxxxxxxxxxx. This card cannot be exchanged for cash, check, credit or be used for online purchases. You may check the dollar value of this card at xxxxxxxxxx. Additional funds may be added to this card. Please treat this card like cash; if this card is lost or stolen it will not be replaced.

Example 2:
Redeemable at only for goods and services not exceeding the remaining credit balance on this card. Treat this card as cash; if it is lost, it will not be replaced. Valid for one (1) year from the date of issue. For gift card balance, terms and expiration date, present the card at . This card is property of the issuer.

Example 3:
Treat this card as cash. It will not be replaced if lost or stolen. This card is redeemable for merchandise only. Redeemable at any location nationwide. Valid one year from the date of purchase.

Example 4:
This card is good at all locations displaying the symbol. Treat this card as cash; if it is lost, it will not be replaced. This card is subject to the terms of the agreement. This Gift Card may be applied to the cost of any item in our restaurants or stores. For a list of participating locations, please call 1-800-555-5555, or visit our web site at

Example 5:
Your use of the gift card constitutes acceptance of these terms: This gift card may be applied toward any purchase made at any location. This gift card will not be exchangeable for cash or replaced if lost or stolen. After 18 months of non-use a $1.50 per month dormant account fee will be charged.

The creative approach…
Hey There! This GIFT CARD is the newest, hottest thing at . It’s so new it’s HOT---RED HOT just like our famous wings (the best in the ‘Burgh!) Treat this like CASH and USE IT OR LOOSE IT! Use it to purchase food, drinks, or merchandise (but don’t even try to leave it as the tip---that won’t fly) Good at any location. Check out for locations and other news and specials. And remember “There’s Nothing’ a Bucket of Wings and a Few Beers Can’t Fix!”

To charge an inactive fee…
This card is redeemable by the bearer for merchandise or services at It may not be returned, redeemed for cash or applied as a payment to a membership account. Please treat this card like cash. This card is not replaceable if lost, stolen or if used without authorization. If this card is not used for a period of 18 months, a service fee of $2 per month will be deducted from the remaining balance until deleted.

If you are not sure on your states expiration date laws…
This Gift Card is the property of . Treat this card as if it were cash. It cannot be replaced if lost or stolen. The cash value on this card expires 2 years from the date of issue, or of the shortest term allowed by the current laws in effect at the time of issue. You will receive a printed receipt showing the date of issue and the balance remaining on the this card every time you come to

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