How Does Your Garden [Center] Grow?

March is just around the corner with a spring in its step and more customers at the door!

This season, tap the full potential of your current customer base and make the smart moves to expand it, too! Start a customer rewards / loyalty program. It is probably easier than you think.

You want to grow sales and profits just like any other business would like to. You recognize that it when it comes to customers, it is almost always “cheaper to keep them.” They are not only the foundation that you build your business upon, but your portal to future growth through word of mouth and referrals.

gift2There are many ways one can start a Rewards program or Loyalty program. You could go with the old punch card method. You remember them! Buy ten coffees and get one free. Or car washes. Or one punch for every ten dollars spent. Get 10 punches get a coupon for x dollars. It has its positives and negatives. One positive is that it’s simple to start up. One negative is that it can leave itself open to some fraud (fake cards or punches).

gift4The best method of starting a rewards program is printing a plastic card — something a customer will actually keep in their wallet or key chain. Think about the cards in your wallet. Most of them are plastic, are they not? You keep plastic cards because either they truly are important cards or they seem important simply because they are plastic. Call your POS provider and see if they have an easy way to add a loyalty program to your existing setup. Print plastic cards with a magnetic stripe or a bar code or simple numbering. Any of those can be made to interface with your system.

You can learn more about loyalty cards and rewards cards at ( From there you can obtain a quote for cards online, chat with us or contact us for custom quotes.

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