Proven Fundraising!

Is your group looking for fundraising methods for the upcoming season or event calendar?

Over the years, CardPrinting.US has been able to guide many organizations through the process of creating a fundraising card. This is a proven money-making endeavor for any organization, and it is really pretty simple. Members of your organization obtain discounts and incentives from local businesses and display them on the back of a community discount card with other business offers.  This is a total win-win situation!  The advertising businesses get increased sales, the cardholders receive discounts when they go out to dinner or go shopping and when they buy the discount card from you they also are donating to your worthy organization.

Sounds good, right? It gets even better. CardPrinting.US has some materials that will make it easier for you to organize this effort, as well as some handy tips that we’ve gathered over the years in helping organizations like yours. Now you can turn plastic cards into profit cards! Just call us today at 866-344-2300, ext. 115.


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