Who says business cards are all worn out?

Card Printing has once again raised its competitiveness a notch higher with its most recent trade show attendance. Aside from the customary booth which the company’s creative team painstakingly designed for the show, the Card Printing crew thought of yet another exciting and compelling way to ensure a noteworthy presence during the event. This time, Card Printing made a splash in the trade show via a Kate Middleton look-alike donning a creative, and highly innovative dress—this dress was fashioned from business cards which Card Printing had created over the years for its consistently satisfied clients.

Through this quirky human standee, Card Printing was able to dominate the entire trade show arena. The model visited other booths, interacted with guests, and basically kept Card Printing in everyone’s line of sight.

Now what exactly does Card Printing hope to impart with this royal and charmingly roguish marketing ploy? Well, a lot of possible messages come to mind and we need not list them down. After all, it all boils down to one important statement—Card Printing products are not only practical, they can also be chic and fashionable. Just ask this charmer right here.