Table Talkers: Multi-Purpose, Lots-of-Fun!

In a recent trade show participated in by the company Optimal Targeting—an established name in online marketing, the team used table talkers as part of its booth gimmicks. Instead of simply utilizing the fun and functional items as promotional standees which clearly and concisely communicated the company’s offered services for the benefit of the trade show participants, the Optimal Targeting crew gave them a different and interesting twist.

On Target and In Demand Table Talkers

Optimal Targeting took snapshots of their booth participants using a Polaroid camera. The pictures were instantly printed on small stickers which were then pasted on the table talkers. They gave these table talkers which double as photo frames to the trade show participants, and, just like that, the table talkers turned into quirky keepsakes.

Photo Frame Table Displays

Table talkers allow users ample freedom and creativity.  These nifty items can easily shape-shift so as to aptly cater to a customer’s specific requirements.

Table talkers, which also go by the names table tents, table signs, table tent displays, have been in the market for quite a while now. They are produced using a standard 30 Mil Plastic, and are offered in several horizontal and vertical sizes. In terms of design and construction, table talkers are highly customizable hence they can easily adapt to the needs and requirements of a particular customer. They do not require acrylic sign holders for stability, and are shipped to customers flat unlike 2D promotional standees.

Aside from their reliability as promotional/marketing implements, and keepsakes as of late, table talkers can also be employed as menu displays for bars and restaurants, business directories, lobby plastic tents, hotel room display tents, medical office information, and top signs for fundraising or charity events, to name a few.

When shopping for table talkers, customers should put in mind these three considerations: quality of materials used, quality of image, and value-for-money.

Table Talkers: Customized and Optimized!

Table talkers, as promotional supplements, are continually evolving. These items are now being offered in all imaginable variants. In terms of both design and structure, the options abound hence customers are sure to find exactly what they have envisioned. If what customers fancy is not yet available, surely, table talker manufacturers or designers are ready to cater to custom-orders.

If you are on the hunt for the best and most reliable table talker provider, should be on top of your considerations. caters exquisite table talker designs, and employs topnotch materials to complete their product. The best part about’ table talkers is that they don’t discriminate. No matter what your product or service is, their dependable table displays are ready to stand and serve.

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