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PDF Sale Sheets

2008 plastic card printing specials, includes key tags, cards with backers, card holders, custom printed gift cards.

1. 2008 SPECIALS

Earth Friendly Gift Cards by CardPrinting.US

2. Earth Friendly Recyclable Cards
Earth Friendly Gift Cards are a new alternative to standard plastic cards.

What embossing on plastic cards is, the do's and dont's and guidelines on setting up artwork that includes embossing.

3. Embossing
Embossing on plastic cards.

A Tele-Pak sales sheet depicting the different styles of plastic cards that are printed by the company.

4. Not Just Any card...A TELE-PAK Card
Outstanding Quality Reliability & Delivered Fast.

Pdf flyer showing screen shots from a gift card software program.

5. Gift Card Software
An economical and very affordable solution.

A PDF flyer with pictures of the types of key tags and card and key tag combinations that are printed on plastic by CardPrinting.US

6. Keytags
The Hottest Marketing Tool Available.

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