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Getting Started

(The buttons on this page are for show only and do not do anything)
  1. On the Home Page select the card style you want by clicking the image
  2. On the individual card style pages click:
    Download Button for an artwork template (under the image of the card).
    select a template from the Template Page.
  3. Create your artwork and save it compressed in a zip, rar, sit or sitx file.
    (Review the "DESIGN GUIDE" for details.)
  4. On the card style pages select the specifications of the desired card and click the "Calculate Price"
    button to get an instant quote. Button looks like this:
  5. Fill out your billing, shipping and payment information, click "Submit Order"
  6. After the payment is approved click the "Upload Artwork" button on the receipt page.
  7. Upload your artwork
If you need assistance please feel free to call us at: 1-845-426-2300
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