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Generic Gift Card Holders & Accessories:

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Generic Card Carrier:

This greeting card style card holder, with a 1.5" pocket, is the perfect way to package and personalize your gift.

4.75" x 6.5" 100/PK   $34.99
Blank Envelopes 100/PK   $10.00

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Standard White Envelope:

This no-frills solution is a most economical way to seal the deal!

Standard White Envelope

5.125" x 3.625 " 100/PK   $10.00/PK

Tyvek Card Sleeve:

Fits your gift card like a glove to add instant "wrap-around" presentation value. Available in Black or Mustard.

Tyvek Stock Gift Card Sleeve

3.5" x 2.25" 100/PK   $42.95/PK

Die Cut Carriers with Side-Fold:

These holders fold out sideways, like a wallet. Cards can be secured via the die-cut slots. Available in Flowers or Circles.

Die Cut Carriers with Side-Fold

4.75" x 6.5" 100/PK   $23.00/PK

Display Stands:

Looking for the perfect little countertop rack to display your gift cards? Here it is!

Display Stand 01   $23.00
Display Stand 02   $27.00

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Hanging Carrier:

These hanging holders have a rich metallic look that adds a touch of style to any card. Tear off the top part along the perforation, and you have a fine-looking holder. Die cut slots easily secure the card and the cover. Available in Gold and Black.

Stock Hanging gift card holder

2.75" x 4" 100/PK   $34.99/PK

Gift Card Program STARTER KIT:

Start displaying that new gift card in the best way possible! Includes 1 small display stand, 1 window cling, 100 generic carriers with envelopes.

 Gift Card Program STARTER KIT product image


Sign Variety Pack:

Now it's easier than ever to keep your gift card display in sync with the seasons and upcoming holidays.
Six interchangeable sign cards make it a snap!

Sign Variety Pack product image


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