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Turn Plastic Cards into PROFIT CARDS!

Fundraising cards from Tele-Pak are a proven money maker for all sorts of non-profit organizations.

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To get started with this time-tested fundraising program, simply decide on how many cards your group will need to sell in order to reach its fundraising goal. Set your selling price at whatever you wish, but we've found that the most popular selling prices are $10 and $20.

Special offers and discounts on fund raising cards will come from your local merchant’s restaurants, entertainment venues, and business. Participating merchants will tell you how much or what discount they want to offer card holders.

Collect the discount offers from your local merchants, ask for their business logo (if available), send with your information, images and logo to us and we will help you design a beautiful custom fundraising card and deliver them quickly.

We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have about the program.

Each discount card should be accompanied by an informational sales sheet this helps the fundraising participant easily identify the major selling points of the program, and helps to increase sales.

Design Tip: It's great to have a full color picture of your school, group or organization printed on your plastic cards! Be sure to tell us if you have one!

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