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I need merchant services with a gift card platform for my business. Does CardPrinting provide this?
We don′t provide merchants services but we work with many excellent providers that we can recommend highly. Kindly provide us with your contact details thru chat, email, or by phone and we′ll be happy to assist you with it.
How do I set up a merchant service to use the cards and how are the payments processed or redeemed?
This question sort of puts the cart before the horse. We print your plastic cards to the specifications of your POS/merchant services provider. Please check with them to find out what their specs are. Here is a good reference for orders with magnetic stripes: The Complete Beginner′s Guide to Magnetic Stripes The operation of the software, and how your provider "uses" the cards are support issues for your point of sale provider.
Does your card come with an app to process cards?
No, we don′t provide the POS processor, we only print the cards. If you already have an existing POS and want the cards you order from us to be compatible with it, you′ll need to provide us the details on how to encode the cards and what track they should be encoded on. Here is a good reference for orders with magnetic stripes: The Complete Beginner's Guide to Magnetic Stripes
How can I know if my POS software is compatible with your cards?
We can make cards that are compatible with all systems, as long as the correct specifications are given to us.
Can you make personalized gift cards that are connected to my bank account?
No, we do not print cards that can automatically deduct from your bank account.
You may want to inquire with your bank if they offer such a service.
Are your plastic cards compatible with MICROS or OPERA for hotels?
Yes, Tele-Pak is an approved gift card vendor for Micros Systems, and our cards can be used with OPERA Reservation System.
Can I use your gift cards with First Data Merchant Services?
While we can print for over 2500 different POS providers, First Data Merchant Services currently allows their gift cards to be printed only by them.
Do your gift cards work with payment processing?
Square does not have a gift card platform at this time, but there are two other options we can suggest. We work with a company called Patron Pal - that has a gift card program that runs off your PC or Mac. Alternatively, you can also go with a custom printed prepaid Visa or Mastercard.
Are your cards compatible with the Intuit Processing System for gift cards?
Unfortunately, Intuit requires users to use only their gift card service. As an alternative, we can offer SalesVu reader with our gift cards at no cost.
Do your gift cards come pre-priced?
We can print the price on the card, if you wish to sell specific denominations.
Will the gift cards you offer work with Hypercom T4205 terminals?
That is a question for your credit card processor. It is the terminal that carries the transaction information to the processor. It will depend on your credit card processor but generally we can make our cards work for any POS provider/merchant card services and their terminals.
Is there any tracking capability from your cards?
That is a software capability. Since we do not provide the gift card software, that would be an excellent question for your POS provider.
I am trying to place an order but there are no options for shipping to my location. How can I continue placing my order?
If you are having issues with our order form, kindly contact a representative via chat or phone so that your order can be processed manually. You may also email us at
I′m trying to place an order and I keep getting the message, "There was a problem processing your credit card".
I have checked and there are no issues on my side that should prevent me from making this purchase. How should I proceed?
We are continually upgrading our website which is why some features might be unavailable from time to time. If you are unable to proceed, kindly contact any of our representatives so that your order can be processed manually.
Do you give discounts for non-profit organizations?
Yes we do. Just contact any of our representatives for a quote.
There are two choices for card material on your order form. What is the difference between "Composite Laminated" and "PVC"?
The best way to describe them is that they both are the same thickness, both have the same functionality. The PVC card is the same material as your typical credit card. The Composite Laminated card has a bit more shine due to the thicker laminate and has a slight edge to them.
I can′t decide how thick I want my cards to be. How would I determine the best mil. rate?
30 mil. is typically the standard for cards in the industry, and is the best value in smaller quantities.
What is the difference between a Tyvek® sleeve and a Card Holder or a Card Carrier?
A Tyvek® sleeve is a type of protective envelope (without a flap or seal) that often will come with a bank or hotel card. A card holder or card carrier is similar to a greeting card with two slits inside to tip your gift card into so it stays in place. To see our custom offerings please go to: and to view our generic/stock offerings, please browse through: Store
Do you offer a reseller′s discount?
Yes we do. Please contact any of our friendly representatives for more information on this.
How does your reseller program work?
Resellers are those who purchase wholesale from us to sell to their own customers. We can give as much as 10% discount on products such as key tags, gift cards, membership cards, ID badges and more. Kindly contact any of our representatives if you are interested in being a reseller.
Do you discounts for reorders?
No we don′t, but most times we will keep it at the same price, depending on how long its been since your last order.
Do you give discounts to ASI members?
Yes we do. Please mention that you are an ASI member when ordering and provide your ASI member number.
How many pieces is your minimum order and how can I get a price estimate?
Our minimum order for cards is 250. The minimum order for keytags is 500 tags. Please chat with us or call us at 866-344-2300 to get estimates for small quantity key tag orders.
What′s the average turnaround time for orders?
Composite orders ship in 9-11 business days; PVC orders ship in 12-14 business days after artwork approval and payment confirmation. If you need rush services please contact us through chat or phone 866-344-2300.
I need price quotes for a number of different combinations. Is there a form I can fill out for this?
No, but you can send us an email with all of your requirements and we will be happy togive you the quotes you need. Kindly contact any of our representatives for assistance via chat or phone.
Do you accept international credit cards?
We accept US and Canadian credit cards only. Alternative methods of payment is PayPal or wire transfers. If you need information regarding these alternative methods of payment, please contact your sales representative.
Can you match a competitor′s price?
We can try. Contact any of our friendly representatives and they will give you the best possible price for your order.
We just placed an order with one of your sales representatives, what happens next?
Your order is entered into our system and a production manager is assigned to your order. An invoice and an online payment link is generated and emailed to you. Also emailed to you is your art proofs. You will need to review them and approve them online, too.
We just placed an order online, what happens next?
Well, firstly, thanks for the order! What happens next is that a production manager is assigned to your order, and art proofs will be created. They will be posted online for your review and approval and a notice will be emailed to you.
Can I pay an invoice from you online?
Yes. We send out payment links for our invoices. Clicking on that link will take you to a secure web page for online payment.
I tried to pay via E-Check online and got an error response. How do I resolve this?
If you are a Canadian customer, we regret that we cannot accept E-check payments in Canadian dollars. Please contact your production or sales representative to submit payment in an alternative method.
Do you have a plastic card with the Travelers Blessing in Hebrew and English
Yes, we can have the Tefilat HaDerech (תפילת הדרך) or Traveler's Prayer/Wayfarer's Prayer custom made for you. Kindly contact us for a quote.
Do you also sell scanners and processors for the cards?
No we don′t. We only print and sell cards. We do sell plastic card printers. Please contact sales for quotes.
Do you sell blank customizable plastic cards that I can customize on both sides with an inkjet printer.
Also do they come in perforated sheets?
We do sell blank PVC cards that can be printed on a desktop plastic printer, but we do not provide the sheets. It requires a special tray insert to print the cards. Ask our sales team about these cards and the required tray.
I am looking for a desktop printer to print plastic cards. Do you sell the printing machine?
Yes we sell desktop card printers. Each unit is packaged with 100 blank cards.
Is there a way to get gift cards made for our company that allows people to download an app?
Yes. We can print a QR code on the card that will bring the user directly to the PlayStore or AppStore to download the app.
Do you have standard wording that would go on the back of a gift card?
We do have a few choices of “standard” disclaimers. Here is the link:
Suggested Disclaimers >
I do not have a POS system, but am looking to make some gift cards. Is there something you can offer me?
Yes, you can use what is called a "one-time use" card instead. You can have the cards numbered, leave a write-in area for the amount of the gift card and do the accounting manually, much like gift certificates.
If I order cards will I be able to print on them myself or do I have to order what I want in advance?
You can go about this in two ways:
  1. Print the cards with us and then personalize them.
  2. Order blank cards and print the entire card with your desktop card printer. Please note: you must order PVC cards and the Special Varnish for Personalization option if you are going to do any printing on your own equipment.
Are your hanging/tear off cards made out of paper or plastic? Does it come with pin/scratch off option?
Hanging cards are made out of paper. Our "POSA (Point of Sale Activation)" cards are made of plastic. They both can have inkjet PIN numbers and/or a scratchoff.
I cannot get the credit card size PDF template to download. What should I do?
Kindly contact any of our representatives and they will email you the template along with some guidelines.
How durable are your plastic cards?
Both our PVC and Composite Laminated cards are very durable. Our PVC cards are made from the very same PVC material as major credit cards.
Are there minimum quantity orders on card holders?
Yes. For generic card holders it is 100, and for custom ones it is 500. We are often ableto give a better price on larger orders, contact our representatives to investigate this possibility.
What does "4 Color Process/1" mean?
When you see a magazine with its glossy color, that′s been printed in "4 Color Process". So in terms of our card printing, it means that it has a full color front and uses a black ink on the back.
I need to talk to someone in Spanish. Where do I contact you?
Kindly call us up at 845-426-2300 and we will get you connected with someone with whom you can easily converse.
Do you do drop shipping?
Yes we do. All orders are quoted with shipping to one location in the US. If you need t split ship/drop ship, let us know. There is a modest additional fee for the extra shipping and handling.
Why won′t your system accept my credit card information?
Most times it′s because the address, including the zip code is not matching the one that your bank has on file for that card. Check if the billing address is correct. If it is and you are still having issues, kindly contact our representatives for assistance.
Is it possible to do a pickup at your location in New York?
No, that site is our sales office and not a production site.
Can you send me pictures of your table talkers?
Yes. Kindly contact any of our representatives to get a pdf copy.
Do your Teslin cards contain any recycled materials?
No it does not, but it is more eco-friendly than PVC.
Do you sell gift card software?
No we don’t, but we do recommend PatronPal -, which we can assist you in ordering.
Can I order a gift card that can be used at any store?
We do not make those kinds of cards.
Can I pay using a company check?
Yes you may. Contact us via email or chat to have it processed.
Do you ship gift cards to P.O. boxes?
We normally ship via UPS and they do not deliver to P.O. Box addresses.
Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we ship all over the world.
How can I track my order with you?
We′ll give you a tracking number as soon as we′ve shipped your order. You can use this number to check on your order on the courier′s website, or you can also contact us.
Does your company cover duty fees for shipping to Canada?
Duty fees to Canada (or any country we ship to) are the customer′s responsibility, but we do use UPS most times, so there should not be any large fees to worry about.
Do you ship to the UK? And if so what is the cost?
Yes we do, and the shipping costs are included in our prices. Kindly contact any of our representatives for a quote.



How is it that your gift cards can work with so many POS systems?
Great question! prints the cards with the different specifications required by your point of sale provider. Some systems receive input from a swipe of a card that has a magnetic stripe, some can accept input from a bar code. Some POS providers require that the information – or "data" is located on a certain place on the magnetic stripe (called a "track")… and some require that the data be structured a certain way – maybe have a certain number of characters, or that the data must start with a certain sequence of numbers, etc. Its best to get this information your point of sale provider. If you have questions, please chat with us or call us, and we’ll be happy to coach you on what to ask for.
How are the gifts loaded? What if I have different prices for the gift cards?
How gift cards are "loaded" is completely dependent upon the point of sale software.
Can I provide my own gift card codes to be printed on the card?
Yes you can. Send in your file of codes when you send in your artwork.
Your representative will ask you about it when you place your order.
Do I have to buy a new scanner for your cards or will it work with my existing credit card machine?
We can make cards that will be compatible with your existing scanner or credit card machine, however, you will need to verify with your merchant service provider if they will charge a fee for putting a gift card platform in place.
Our current card vendor uses track 2 coding. Will your cards be compatible?
Yes, we can encode magnetic stripe cards on any track you need with the data you provide.
Is there a generic magnetic stripe that will work with any credit card reader?
No, every system is setup differently. To properly encode your cards, you will need to provide us what track (ex. Track 1, Track 2, or Track 3) or tracks your system is running under.
I don’t know for sure which tracks to encode on, so can you please encode on all three?
We can, but it is likely that it won’t work. You can’t encode on all tracks to "cover your bases".
I would like to know more about the magnetic strip options that you offer. What is the difference between Hi-Co and Lo-Co?
Short for High/Low Coercivity, HiCo or LoCo magnetic stripe cards are used to hold encoded data. Both have the same capacity, but differ in durability, security, and application. HiCo strips, typically black in appearance, are encoded using a strong magnet to make the encoded data less prone to erasure. Credit cards, access cards and ID’s are usually HiCo cards since these need to last longer and resist wear and tear from repeated swipes. LoCo, often colored brown, are used for hotel keys, passes, and other short term application cards. These are cheaper to make than HiCo, but can easily be erased when exposed even briefly to a strong magnet.



Can you make the printed barcode number also correspond with what is encoded on the magnetic stripe?
Yes, we can print what’s encoded on the magnetic stripe if its just numbers or letters. If there is anything more than that please speak with one of our representatives.
What's the difference between static and variable barcodes?
A static barcode uses an image and the numbering never changes, as opposed to a variable barcode where the numbering will change on every card. We can print both kinds, with static considered as artwork which you will not be charged extra for. You may use this link to get more information on our barcodes: Common Barcode Types
Can a variable QR code be printed on the card in addition to the pin and card number?
Yes, we can. If your QR code data is a simple number, please provide the startingnumber if consecutive, or a data file containing the numbers. If your QR code is to encode a web site address, please provide the file of web site addresses if the QR code is variable. If it is static, we’ll only need the one address to encode on each card.
What is UPC code and what does the 16 digit number on a barcode mean?
UPCA barcode is a worldwide bar code and it probably works for your system. However, an official UPCA barcode which follows GS1 standards would only have 12 digits. The first half (first 6 digits) designate the COMPANY number, and the second half (last 6 digits) the PRODUCT number. If you need 16 digits please consider using a bar code that will also be compatible with your system, like a Code 128 or Code 3 of 9 (Code 39) bar code. For more on bar codes, please see our handy reference: Common Barcode Types
Is there a way to get gift cards made for our company that allows people to download an app?
Yes. We can print a QR code on the card that will bring the user directly to the PlayStore or AppStore to download the app.
I want to set up variable barcodes on my cards where the number changes. Can you do that? What do I need to send you?
If you already have a list of numbers you want to use, you can email it to any of our representatives as a CSV, TXT, or Excel file. If you prefer, we can also just generate the numbers for you using our system, we would just need the starting number if the numbers are consecutive. You do not need to send any barcode images. All barcodes are created on the fly during the printing process. We just need the data to be encoded.
I don’t know which bar code I need.
You can download a bar code test sheet here: Bar code test sheet Make sure when you print it out you are not reducing it in any way, that it prints at 100%. Test it on your bar code scanner with your software and note which formats work. Usually more than one does work, and the most common are the Code 128, Code 39 (3 of 9) and UPC-A. For more about bar codes, see: Common Barcode Types.
I need to know how much space the barcode will take up on the card so I can fit my art. Can you give me the measurements?
We can actually resize the barcode to fit with your artwork. You can email us your draft so we can size the barcode accordingly.
If there are any problems we can address them in the proofs.
I am looking to have random Bar Codes type 128 printed on my gift cards. Is that possible?
Yes, we can print consecutive or random numbering or other variable data.
To get pricing, click "inkjet consecutive numbering" on the instant quote form.
Can you make my card with an EAN-13 barcode?
Yes. In fact, we can print your cards with any EAN (International Article Number) barcode of your choosing,
may it be EAN-13, EAN-8, EAN-5, or EAN-2.



I’ve created some artwork, can someone look at it for me to make sure it is right?
Absolutely. We have a free art evaluation service – you may upload your art file (please .zip it first) to: If you were working with someone please indicate them as your "Tele-Pak Representative"
I don’t have any software that can .zip my art files.
That’s easy to fix – please download this free software at: - it is for both Mac and PC computers,
and it is very simple to use.
I’m trying to send you my art for evaluation, but keep getting an error message "Error uploading file: File must be zipped."
What should I do?
The error might be caused by the following: the file you are uploading is not in a .zip format, the file is too big, or there is a technical issue with the site. A solution would be to upload your art using MailBigFile and send it to
Where can I find ready-made templates on your site?
We have templates for our credit card size cards and our other products at this link:
What formats do you accept for artwork that is submitted?
If you ask our art department they will tell you we really love Illustrator files (.ai or .eps) that have had the fonts outlined and the images embedded. We also accept Photoshop files (don’t flatten or merge the layers, we need those!), press-ready .pdf files. If those formats are not available to you, please contact your sales or production person, and they will suggest alternatives.
The template on the Resource Template Page doesn’t say anything about the embossing area. How is it specified in the artwork
and if placement is not customizable can you give me the location so I can design around it?
There is no special area where the embossing must be placed. Feel free to tentatively depict where you want the embossing. Any issues will come up during the proofing process or the evaluation process.
I would like to use a custom artwork, but don’t know how to make one. Can you help me make my own design?
Yes, we do offer creative services, available for an additional fee. Our rate starts at $150 for art services where you will have one-on-one time with a graphic artist to create your card. Kindly contact any of our representatives to get started.
Do you have a template that is setup for MS Word?
No, we are afraid that we cannot accept artwork in MS Word, therefore we do not have a template made for that program.
What DPI (resolution) do you require for photoshop files or other bitmap files?
We require a minimum 300 dpi for color/grayscale bitmap files.



Do you also print business cards? If so, which tab is it under?
Yes we do. It would be under “Plastic Cards” category. Just a reminder that “plastic cards” are a different size than “business card”. Plastic cards are 3.375” x 2.125” and business cards are 3.5” x 2”.
Do you do the mailing as well, or just printing?
Yes we can. We can mail all over the US. We also do plastic mailers which can get you up to 12-15% response rate.
Do you print other items such as restaurant menus?
Yes we do. However, custom jobs such as restaurant menus do not have a set pricing. To get a quote, kindly send us the complete specifications (dimensions, material, quantity, etc.) of your project. It would also help if you could include art, even if it is only preliminary. Contact one of our sales team via chat or phone for a custom quote.
I want to order cards with a custom holder that matches the barcode on the card. Is this possible?
Yes, we do sell card holders and card envelopes or sleeves as well. Just contact any of our friendly representatives so they can accommodate the details of your order.
Can you make a deck of plastic cards that are thin enough to be shuffled?
Yes, this is possible. Please speak with sales for a quote.
Can you also put a removable activation label on the back of my plastic cards?
Yes we can. Please contact sales for a quote.
I already have a card printer that I can use. Can I just order a blank standard barcode (code 39) cards from you?
Yes, just contact any of our representatives to order.
Do you have plastic cards that have a writable back?
Yes we do. Please contact any of our representatives to order.
Do you print RFID cards?
Yes, we do! We also do key tags. Please contact and provide them with the specifications you require.
Do you also print Braille on plastic cards?
Yes we can have the dots raised on the plastic card, similar to letters on a credit card.
Do you print square-shape plastic cards?
Yes. We can print cards with custom dimensions.
Do you have the square hanging key tags that can be customized?
We can customize any key tag according to your specifications (ex. color, number, bar code, number of holes, etc.)
Do all of the gift cards come with a bar code printed on them?
We can print barcodes directly on the cards, but it is an added feature which you need to ask for when ordering.
Do you print cards that are resistant to fading from sunlight?
Yes. Our cards are litho offset printing with UV inhibiting coating which does not fade or yellow even if left outside.
Do you make cards that has a writable back, but not the kind which has a scrape-off material?
Our cards have a high quality gloss laminate by default. To write on them you would have to use a Sharpie or other “permanent” marker. If you need a signature panel, or the entire back of the card to be matte laminate-writeable, please contact one of our sales team for assistance.
Do you print cards that have scratch-offs on the back that can have a code underneath it?
Yes, we do. Scratch-offs with PIN (the numbers/code under the scratchoffs) are options available on our online pricing or you may contact our customer service and sales team via phone or chat.
We are looking at having some cards reprinted, but want to make sure that you can print the correct shade.
Is it possible for you to exactly duplicate a Pantone shade?
We can print Pantone colors on our PVC cards. On our Composite Laminated cards, we can come close in nearly all cases. If you are very concerned with color matching, we suggest you order PVC cards, indicating Pantone (PMS) colors or order a color match press proof to be printed (additional cost and time required).
Is there a way to get gift cards made for our company that allows people to download an app?
Yes. We can print a QR code on the card that will bring the user directly to the PlayStore or AppStore to download the app.
Do you offer an option for printing in silver or platinum or other metallic inks?
Yes we have a nice variety of metallic inks, please mention your need when placing your order.
Do POSA (Point Of Sale Activation) hanging gift cards come with a perforated edge to separate the gift card from the hanging card?
Yes we have these kinds of cards. Simply chat with any of our representatives to order.
Do you offer plastic cards with foil?
Yes, we do print plastic cards with foil stamping. There is no option on the order/quote form for foil, but you can contact any of our representatives for a custom quote.
Do you print on vinyl? Can you laminate, emboss and silver tip?
Yes we can on all of the above. We do custom jobs and can practically do any kind of card, the only consideration would be the costs.
Do you have a paper-based coated card that can be personalized as an alternative to PVC or plastic?
Yes we do offer a .24 mil card that can be personalized, can have an encoded mag stripe, etc. Please call our sales team for details.
Can you do variable field printing on the cards?
Yes we can.
Can you also do the numbering on the cards?
Yes, we can. Please check the “inkjet consecutive numbering” option on the order form, and give us your starting number.
Do you print plastic cards that can be used with a puncher?
Yes, please order a .15 or .20 mil PVC card. Also let us know that you intend to use the card with a puncher.
Do you also print on custom stock such as kraft paper?
Yes we do.
Do you sell custom gift card holders that are NOT folded, just the flat card? Can you attach the cards to them, too?
We call them backers, and yes, we print those, too. It would be a custom quote so please contact one of our reps via chat or phone with your specifications and we’ll get a quote to you.
Can you emboss a logo on your plastic cards?
We cannot emboss logos/artwork on PVC cards, only letters and numbers. We have other creative options that may get you the same “wow” factor. Please speak with a representative so we can suggest some appropriate options with you and get you a quote.
Can you also print semi-gloss inserts for beer tap handles?
Yes, in fact we can, but it may require a custom die.
Can I get the cards in solid red cardstock?
There are two ways we can do that: You can either go for a red cardstock which is only made in PVC, or you can have the card background printed in the red shade of your choice.
Is there any way to get the tear off/hanging card printed without the hanging hole
Yes we can do that. Please contact us for a special order quote, as this may involve a custom dieline and/or require a minimum quantity.
Do you offer custom sizes and materials like PET, as well as mag stripe options?
Yes we offer alternative materials, like PET. Provide us is your specifications so we can give you the best possible price. Many people are not prepared to pay the higher prices so be aware that the alternative materials are more expensive than PVC, and also are subject to a higher minimum order.
Do you print using silkscreens or is it digital?
Our printing methods depend on the materials we are using. We print 4 color process on either our digital or litho presses. We silkscreen when needed, such as when a metallic ink (non PMS) is required.
Do you offer Spot UV coating on your Teslin cards?
All Spot UV is done on PVC material only.
Can I order hotel key envelopes from you?
Yes you can! Please contact one of our representatives for pricing/ordering.
Do you offer clear cards with mag stripe?
We do offer clear cards, but the mag stripe will not be clear or transparent (and will show through to the front of the card, depending upon the design). It can only come in either black or silver.
I want to order some PVC blank programmable cards, but the 5/16 strip looks to be too wide and might not work on my machine.
Do you have any strips that are smaller?
We stock only two sizes for magnetic strips: 5/16-inch and one-half inch, which is larger than the 5/16.
Can you print a hologram on my card?
We no longer print holograms, due to the high costs of production.
Can you print logos on proximity cards?
Yes. We can create the cards for you, or if you already have ones that you would like to use, you can order the printed skins which you can apply on the cards yourself. We can do HID, KERI, or AWID on clamshell or credit card-type cards. Contact one of our representatives for pricing and more information.
Do you print Angel cards and Tarot cards?
Yes we can, but it would be a custom job order.
Will you be able to do surface 4-color printing on proprietary smart cards to be provided by us?
Yes we can. Contact our representatives to get pricing and more information on your project.
Do you also offer coated postcards?
Yes, we do have postcards in plastic or paper, but since we specialize in plastic cards, our prices for paper postcards may not be competitive.
Can you produce magnetic cards or cards with a magnet attached, like a fridge magnet?
Sorry, we don’t print those types of cards.
Is there a standard type of scratch card, or can you offer me several different types?
We do print a few different types of scratch cards, like for games, lottery, or prepaid phone service. We can provide a free sample pack if you are interested in ordering.
Do you make cards that can be written on with a dry marker or grease pencil?
Yes we do. Please contact sales for more information.
Can you print full bleed 4 color on or on the inside of the gift card holder?
Yes we can, on our custom card holders only.
Do you sell NFC cards?
Yes we offer RFID cards and key tags. They aren’t available for online ordering so please contact our sales team to get pricing and more information.
Does your price for gift cards include the setup fee and the shipping costs?
Yes it does.
I need a company that I can order 1 card at a time from and have them drop ship the card each time we make one.
Is this something you can do?
We can do something called “prepaid inventory” where a minimum amount of cards are ordered in one shot, and then they are personalized (most often embossed) when needed. It is pricey if you require fulfillment of one card at a time.
Can you make custom size key tags?
Yes we can. You can have it in any shape you want, but there is an extra charge if we don't have the die for it. The charge can vary from $250 to $600, depending on the dimensions and complexity.


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