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Gift Card Holders

Order custom gift card holders designed to maximize the graphic impact of the gift cards that have been printed with your branding. When your customer purchases a gift card for your business, include with it a foldover gift card holder designed to complement the branded gift card.

Made from heavy-weight card stock, they are a high-quality card carrier that looks great when a plastic card is placed inside. There is a score in the card holder that allows for neat and easy folding. When the recipient opens the gift card holder, the gift card is presented on the inside in an attractive and elegant manner.

When designing, it would be a good idea to leave space on the inside of the gift card holder for the giver to write the recipient's name and perhaps an area for a message. If you are not comfortable designing the gift card holder yourself, or you don't know of someone who could do it for you, an option would be to contact us via the online chat or phone and inquire about our rates for creative services. Whether you have a discount card, a loyalty card or a gift card for your customers, putting them in an attractive custom-printed gift card holder is the best way to give them to your customers.

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