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Art Preparation Guidelines for Plastic Cards, Plastic Key Tags & POSA Cards


Acrobat (.pdf), Illustrator (.ai, .eps), PhotoShop (.ps, .eps, .pdf), InDesign (.indd)
Save files for Adobe Version CS5.5

In some cases we will accept other formats.
Please contact our art department for information Tel. 845-426-2300, ext. 104

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Have questions about bleeds? An excellent article on bleeds and why they are necessary can be found on the blog!

Design Card

Additional Software/File Details:

Illustrator: Make sure all fonts are outlined. Work in CMYK color space (File > Color Document Mode > CMYK). Do not mix CMYK and Pantone colors, unless you've ordered that, specifically.

Photoshop: Remember to work in a CMYK color space (Image > Mode > CMYK). Include all fonts used or rasterize the font layers. In addition, create a duplicate flattened file in .tif format.

InDesign: Include all fonts and images, embedding images is preferred over linked images. Use the File > Package feature, which easily packages the file, fonts and images in one step.

Resolution: No less than 300dpi and the correct size at 100%. If the card back contains text (black and white) and is created in Photoshop please create in 1200dpi. Text for card backs without visual effects will reproduce the best if created in Illustrator.

Color: All artwork, vector or bitmap, should be in CMYK color space. If Pantone colors are used in your artwork in addition to images please convert them to CMYK. We can print CMYK plus up to three Pantones.

Designing for Plastic Printing Tips:

Artwork with black, dark blue, dark purple or any other dark solid colors covering most of the card is not recommended. Cards will print and look nice but are prone to scratching problems. To ensure quality of cards with heavy dark coverage we incorporate a special handling method at an extra cost.

Recommended rich black formula: C:60/M:40/Y:40/K:100. Designs with large areas of black background (but not with a lot of text) will look better if you use this formula. It is not to be used for text! Use 100% black for that.

If possible include a PDF file as a quality control guide for us to assure that the file from which we are printing is as you intended. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat please send a .jpg or .tif file.

When printing on plastic exact colors cannot be guaranteed, there can be a 15% shift in colors. If the job needs to match other printed material's colors or previously printed colors we will need a printed sample of the required colors.

Sending Us Your File: Place all files into a folder and compress using Stuffit or Winzip. When ordering you will be able to upload your files to our server. You will be sent a PDF file for approval of your submission before any printing.

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