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Key Tag Printing

Key tags gained popularity as a method for people to have their keys returned to them in the event they were lost or stolen. In fact, the conventional key tag is one of the oldest forms of marketing and promotion.

However, in the 21 st century, technology has allowed key tags to take on new meaning as they are now used as a marketing tool, for loyalty programs, membership identification or as a mini credit card for instant payment. Some hospitals are even using key tags for patients where the patient's medical history is easily accessed by using a bar code reader to scan tags attached to a patient's key chain!

Petroleum companies were one of the first business sectors to embrace the technology of the key tag by creating the 'speedpass' that allows customers to quickly gas up, swipe their key tag at the pump and be on their way. Customers appreciate the convenience and many companies found the program to be very successful.

With many practical and marketing uses, key tags should continue to grow in use and popularity.

Along with the growth of key tags for a variety of business purposes is the necessity of key tag printing services. Once you decide to add key tags to your existing marketing efforts, you will want to select a company that provides the highest quality key tag printing services at affordable prices.

Card Printing US, is the premier key tag printing company offering key tags in various configurations, sizes and materials. In addition, they offer some of the most technologically advanced key tag printing, yet remain highly affordable.

Card Printing US recognizes that key tag printing in an important part of loyalty or customer service programs. As such, they have assembled a first rate creative team to assist customers is designing a key tag that is eye-catching, functional and meets business goals.

Select Card Printing US as your key tag printing service provider and you will be thrilled with the results. Card Printing US has the reputation and experience you need to design, create and print the highest quality key tags to represent your business.

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