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Hotel Key Cards

The days of opening up your hotel room door with a metal key are long gone. Nowadays, hotel chains across the world use sophisticated hotel key cards that allow the holder to access their room.

For the customer, hotel key cards are far more convenient than fumbling with a conventional metal key. For the hotel owner, hotel key cards are cost effective and safe.

Hotel key cards work so well, that the concept has now transferred over to many college dorms that are using this system for entry into dorm rooms. Dorm managers appreciate the ability to recode the card each time a new tenant moves in or the room is used for a short stay. Hotel key cards also work well to limit entry to restricted areas on hospital, college, government and corporate campuses.

The hotel and hospitality industry has embraced the move to plastic hotel key cards. Encoded plastic hotel key cards provide a superior level of privacy and security sought after by the industry.

In fact, hotel key cards have evolved from the standard white plastic to become an important marketing piece for businesses that use them. Hotel key cards now come in a variety of attractive colors and designs. Many hotel key cards also prominently display messages or advertising giving them even more power. Imagine placing targeted advertising messages into the hands of your customers!

While there are several manufacturers of hotel key cards, only one offers the highest quality cards with the biggest impact, at the same time maintaining a cost effective price. That manufacturer is Card Printing US and they specialize in providing first-rate hotel key cards that are compatible with your existing lock systems.

Card Printing US offers creative design services to provide you with stunning graphics to supplement your existing marketing efforts. With Card Printing US's expertise, technologically advanced processes and highest quality materials, you are guaranteed a successful hotel key card program.

Whether you are an independent hotel operator or the manager of a large chain with hotels nationwide, Card Printing US aims to be your hotel key card supplier of choice.

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