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Why You Should Integrate Gift Cards Into Your Business

Gift cards are becoming increasingly popular and as a result, the plastic gift card market is growing significantly every year. In fact, market industry estimates that the purchase of gift cards in all retail sectors is in excess of $45 billion dollars per year.

With the plastic gift card business booming, the need for superior gift card printing by retail, restaurant and service industries is growing as well. These companies rely on a gift card printing company that provides high quality, attractive cards in an efficient and economical manner, like Card Printing US.

Card Printing US provides gift card printing services that can help businesses take advantage of the growing plastic gift card market. Card Printing US can provide an attractive gift card that enhances the overall brand identity of the company. Card Printing US's gift card printing services are economical, while still providing one of the highest quality cards in the industry.

While gift cards have to be functional, they should also be well designed and eye catching. The staff at Card Printing US is highly creative and ready to assist interested businesses to help them design original, attention grabbing gift cards that integrate nicely with the other marketing aspects of their business.

In addition, the majority of major retail, restaurant and service chains have switched from paper gift certificates to plastic gift cards pushing demand for card printing services even higher. Gift card printing services will continue to be in demand based on latest industry data. In a large survey conducted by the National Retail Federation, 74.3% of respondents planned to buy at least one gift card, up from 69.9% the year before.

Consumers enjoy the convenience and easy to use aspect of plastic gift cards. Plastic gift cards are straightforward to purchase and convenient to give as gifts. Consumers with little time to shop, regard the plastic gift card as a practical, modern alternative to selecting a personal gift. Gift cards also help consumers avoid stricter return policies that have been implemented in recent years.

Recipients of gift cards appreciate the ability to find something that suits their own tastes. Giving a gift card is now seen as a positive gift and does not have the negative connotations that it did years ago. In fact, half of the respondents in the National Retail Federation survey indicated that they would like to receive a gift card, up from 41.3% two years earlier.

With consumers enjoying the ease of use, recipients appreciating the ability to select an item that is perfect for them, and gift card use extremely popular with the younger set, the use of gift card printing services, like those provided by Card Printing US, will continue to rise for years to come.

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