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Gift Card Printer

Did you know that the gift card market continues to grow at record rates? In fact, in the last five years alone, gift cards have experienced an incredible surge in popularity.

Gift cards are a plastic card with a barcode or magnetic strip that the computer reads to determine the balance on the card. Gift cards are convenient for the business owner as they automate the checkout and accounting processes.

Gift cards are especially popular during the holiday season. During the latest holiday season, 74.3% of respondents in a large retail survey indicated that they planned to purchase at least one gift card.

There are many advantages for the retailer or service establishment providing gift cards. First off, consumers appreciate the ability to purchase a gift card in lieu of a gift. A gift card is especially helpful when faced with buying a gift for the 'person who has everything'.

Secondly, gift cards are excellent for cash flow because the amount for the gift card purchase remains in the retailer's account until the time when the gift card is redeemed. Thirdly, when the consumer comes to redeem their gift card, typically they spend more than the gift card amount resulting in increased sales. Finally, gift cards have drastically reduced the number of returns that a store receives.

Many retailers and service providers are recognizing the extreme importance and business benefits of gift cards. This recognition has resulted in an increasing number of businesses requiring the services of gift card printers.

For businesses seeking out gift card printers, they should look for a company with an excellent reputation in quality, design and service. They should seek out a one-stop shop and find gift card printers that will work with them throughout the process, from conception, design and final print.

Gift cards are an integral part of a retail or service company's marketing efforts. As such, gift card printers should have an in house design team ready to create a card that integrates seamlessly into other marketing program.

Tele-Pak, Inc., whose online presence is, prints gift cards, and has developed a first rate reputation for producing gift cards that are high quality yet reasonably priced. Companies using as their gift card printer appreciate their creative team, attention to detail and superior final product.

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