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Tele-Pak’s Free Artwork Evaluation Service

Free Artwork Evaluation for Plastic Card Orders by

A portal has been established on to allow customers to upload zipped art files that the Tele-Pak Art Department will evaluate at no charge. Art files will be evaluated for printing suitability, including high resolution and good color. The art department at Tele-Pak is staffed by design professionals with over 15 years of experience in printing and design work.

“Many people want to avoid art design charges, and design their cards themselves,” states Jesse Morales, Tele-Pak art director. “They are sometimes a little intimidated by the process. We’ve found that our customers are reassured in receiving feedback and guidance from a knowledgeable professional – it goes a long way to ensure a successful printing project. At Tele-Pak, Inc. we are always looking for new ways to enhance the customer experience.”

Tele-Pak Inc. is located in Monsey, NY has been a longstanding worldwide leader in the plastic printing industry producing all kinds of plastic cards: gift cards, plastic key tags, scratch cards, phone cards, fundraising cards, membership cards and point of sale activation (POSA) cards. Tele-Pak’s customer service department is staffed with bilingual customer service representatives to better serve our clientele. French speakers please call 845-426-2300, ext. 116; Spanish speakers please call ext. 104. They are also one of the few companies that can print rush orders for plastic cards, sometimes in as little as one day. Sales and product information can be found at Corporate information can be found at

This press release was issued on February 20, 2012 via PRweb and other publication outlets. The original link is here.

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