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Custom Plastic Gift Cards

Gift cards surged ahead as a popular gift-giving item last holiday season as sales of gift cards boomed. Reportedly, approximately 10% of all holiday season business was in gift cards. Consumers appreciated the ease and convenience of plastic gift cards while retailers recognized greater sales and fewer returns.

Strong prepaid gift card activity is also occurring in programs where merchants and shopping centers sell gift cards that can only be redeemed in specific store or malls. A recent survey revealed that over 40% of malls offer gift cards that can be used at any participating mall merchant.

Retailers and service providers like hotels and restaurants are recognizing the extreme importance of plastic gift cards to their overall marketing strategy. In order to help them stand out from amongst their competition, many are moving towards custom plastic gift cards in an effort to attract customers and retain existing customers.

Shoppers are 70% more likely to purchase again from the retail establishment representing their gift card. This means that the retailer widens their customer exposure and likely their customer base. The recipient of the custom plastic gift card will return to the retailer if their initial shopping experience was a pleasant one. In addition, the purchaser of the gift card will likely return to the retailer if they gift card purchase was smooth and if they felt that, the recipient of their gift card appreciated their efforts.

Custom plastic gift cards give an organization the flexibility and control to fashion their gift cards to meet marketing and promotion objectives. With technological processes, expanding, custom plastic gift cards are available in a wide variety of styles, colors, materials and with varying functionality.

Retailers and service providers count on a manufacturer to offer high quality custom plastic gift cards that have exceptional functionality and eye-catching design. Faulty cards or ones that do not remain durable can end up having a negative impact on a retail or service organization. It is critical that they work with custom plastic gift card service providers that have a great reputation for quality, service, design and functionality.

One such service provider is Tele-Pak Card Printing. It's online presence is CardPrinting.US. Tele-Pak employs a team comprising deeply experienced management and production staff as well as an in-house creative services team -- all dedicated to helping your organization craft a custom plastic gift card strategy.

With the skyrocketing demand for gift cards, the demand for custom plastic gift cards like those provided by Tele-Pak will soar as well. Look for a reputable custom plastic gift card manufacturer who is highly reliable and is committed to helping you implement a gift card program to drive the success of your organization.

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