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Tele-Pak’s New Site for Custom Gift Cards and Free Artwork Offer

Tele-Pak is pleased to announce the launch of its newest member of their web site family This new site focuses solely on Tele-Pak’s gift card products and accessories, such as gift card holders (also known as “carriers” or “presenters”) and hanging gift cards.

Many businesses are faced with a tough cash flow situation and research has shown that gift cards can be an important factor in increasing cash flow for a business. Tele-Pak is making it easier for interested business owners to start their gift card program. Its free design service for early orders should be a great incentive for small businesses that often do their own design work.

Tele-Pak encourages all businesses to order their plastic cards early, as the holiday shopping season seems to creep up earlier and earlier each year. In order to avoid rush service charges, businesses should anticipate 2-3 weeks for their custom gift cards to be shipped. It’s best to order now and have the gift cards on hand for the start of the holiday shopping season.

When arriving at the site, the visitor sees a gallery of design ideas, and quick links to online ordering and product information for gift cards and related products. Tele-Pak is also offering an incentive of free design services (valued at approximately $150) for orders placed before September 30, 2011.

Tele-Pak Inc. is located in Monsey, NY has been a worldwide leader in the plastic printing industry since 1996, producing all kinds of plastic cards: gift cards, plastic key tags, scratch cards, phone cards, fundraising cards, membership cards and point of sale activation (POSA) cards. Sales and product information can be found at Corporate information can be found at

This press release was issued on September 13, 2011 via PRweb and other publication outlets. The original link is here.

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