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Unleash The Potential Of Smart Cards

FARGO HDP5000 ID Card Printer

  • Optional single-sided or simultaneous dual-sided lamination for higher card security.
  • Dual-sided card printing.
  • LCD Control Panel displays helpful status messages and prompts.
  • Cartridge-based card handling allows faster reloading or changing to different card stocks.
  • High-yield ribbon, film & overlaminatettvate the waste of torn materials.
  • Encoder handles magnetic stripe, proximity, contact and contactless smart cards.
  • USB and Ethernet connectivity plus internal print server for secure network printing.

The HDP5000 supports a wide range of card technologies:
  • Contactless Cards
  • bullet
  • Contact Smart Cards
  • bullet
  • Proximity Cards
  • Magnetic Stripe Cards
  • bullet
  • Optical Memory Cards
  • bullet
  • Bar Code Cards
Your ID card may hang at the end of the lanyard, but that’s not where its potential ends. Supercharge your ID cards so that they do so much more for you by tapping into the power potential of proximity cards and multifunctional smart cards. Proximity cards and smart cards are durable and secure, when produced in high definition by the Fargo HDP5000 High Definition Card Printer/Encoder.


Condition: NEW, Opened box
Printer Type: ID Card Printer
Technology: Thermal – Dye Sublimation
Output Type: Color
Max Resolution: 300 dpi
Platform: PC
Interface: Ethernet (RJ-45), USB 2.0
Form Factor: Desktop
Width: 17.5 in
Depth: 9.3 in
Height: 11.5 in
Weight: 22 lb.

The HDP5000 printer/encoder sets the standard for secure High Definition cards that meet the
card application needs of:

Advancing The Technology Since 1999

Fargo introduced High Definition Printing™ (HDP®) technology in 1999, and has been advancing the technology ever since. The HDP5000 produces High Definition cards that wow you with outstanding print quality over embedded electronics, plus high durability and security. Applying a holographic overlaminate or holographic HDP Film to the front of an ID card improves its durability and stability. An overlaminate on both sides doubles that protection. The HDP5000 laminates both sides of a card simultaneously in one efficient pass.

The HDP5000 printer/encoder the fastest, most efficient HDP model ever, with improvements at every level. Simpler operation requires only minimal training. Cards, ribbons and overlaminates now come in cartridges that literally load in a snap. Sharper image quality and new HDP materials deliver more impressive cards at a lower cost per card. And faster printing helps you fly through the biggest production jobs.

With built-in Ethernet connectivity, the HDP5000 also has USB 2.0 connectivity. Your card printing and encoding operations can be operated seamlessly over your local network.

The Beauty of High Definition Printing Runs Deep


ID cards should reflect your organization’s pride, and the HDP5000 produces ID cards with the highest image quality available – High Definition cards. By printing a reverse image on the underside of HDP film, then fusing the film to the card surface, the HDP5000 creates an image quality that looks more like a crisp glossy photo than an ordinary ID badge.
The High Definition cards produced on the HDP5000 are inherently more durable and secure than other types of cards. They resist wear and tear by putting a durable layer of HDP Film between the card image and the outside world. They’re also tamper-evident.
If a counterfeiter tried to peel apart the layers, the image essentially destroys itself.

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